We are vikings/interpreters and interested to participate and take part in creating the worlds best Viking Market in Lejre Land of Legends (Denmark) in week 42 2020

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    Viking Market in week 42 – we are up for a comeback, how about you?
    Based on the danish government’s announcements and the current situation, it is neither possible nor appropriate for Lejre Land of Legends to host our annual Viking Market in week 28. Something that we are really sad about. At the same time, we know that the situation is affecting everyone and that Viking Markets both in Denmark and other European countries have been canceled throughout the summer. But a year without Viking Markets is a sad year. That’s why we’ve decided to take revenge! This means that instead of canceling, we are moving our Viking Market from week 28 to week 42 (both weekends inclusive) and combining the market with our traditionally Festival of the Scylding Kings. In other words: When COVID-19 has released its grip in society and it is again possible, we will take a vengeance worthy of the vikings and put together the worlds best Viking Market! Quite the promise to live up to, when it has to replace the markets of a full summer, but we have no fear!

    There is a lot that we don’t know yet
    If all restrictions are gone and how we can host a Market in a health-wise responsible way when the calendar says week 42, we do know yet. Therefore, we also do not know for sure how many Vikings/interpreters as well as guests it will be allowed and possible for us to have, or how the concept for the new market will be. When we choose to announce the new market ready, it is partly because we know that with our brand new Viking environment, including the reconstruction of Denmark’s largest Viking hall, a reconstruction of the building that goes with is and originally accommodated all of the kings warriors, as well as 43 hectares of natural landscape – we have some very unique facilities that allow us – even in the autumn period – to host a Viking Market that is worthy of making up many cancellations this summer.

    But: If we are to create the worlds best Viking market, there is one thing we need: You!
    Both you who make your way as guests to experience a Viking market as close as present day allows, but especially you, as Vikings/interpreters, that with passion and and immense talent and skill as both interpreters, merchants  and craftsmen, spend your time together, giving to new life to the ancient past.

    Do you want to participate?
    That is why we – even though we do not know yet, how the world will look in October, which exact concept and constellation it will be possible to accommodate, or how many interpreters and guesta we can safely host  – have choosen to make an pre-application/expression of interest- from. We hope that all of you who are Vikings/interpreters and who would like to participate and – together with us – take a Viking Vengeance on COVID-19 and create the most beautiful, fantastic and best Viking market in retaliation. The form only requires name and email address (although we have made it possible for you to write how many you are and tell a little about yourself if you like), and then we will keep you updated as we – after the school summer holidays – start planning in every datail.