Research center and tourist destination

Lejre Land of Legends was founded in 1964 in order to create new knowledge about the past through experimentation.

On top of that, Lejre Land of Legends is an interesting and special destination for the entire family. Here, you’ll find houses and environments from the Stone Age, the Iron Age, the Viking Age and the 1800s, as well as textile and pottery workshops, but also old animal races. All of this fits into the 43 hectars of unique nature with hills, forests, lakes and meadows.

The Purpose of Lejre Land of Legends

The meeting of research and the public is central to Lejre Land of Legends and is cemented in § 2. of the Articles of Association of Lejre Land of Legends:

“The purpose of Lejre Land of Legends is to run a research center for conducting ethnological, historical and archaeological experiments, the implementation of related research tasks and to pass on the results through scientific channels and through active dissemination and teaching.”

(“Sagnlandet Lejres formål er at drive et forskningscenter for udførelse af etnologiske, historiske og arkæologiske eksperimenter, gennemførelse af hertilhørende forskningsopgaver og at viderebringe resultaterne gennem videnskabelige kanaler og gennem aktiv formidling og undervisning.”)

Qualified fulfillment of this purpose is ensured through Lejre Land of Legends’ management and employment of professionally trained staff within academic, technical and craft subjects such as archaeolog, history, communication, didactics, pedagogy, landscaping, textile crafts, pottery, forging and film/photography. Hiring a broad-based instructor team of students and pupils within the same disciplines ensures a good and inspiring contact with the education sector and the thoughts and ideas that are moving there.

The director refers to a competent board consisting of researchers, politicians and business people.

In order to keep focus on our daily work, the purpose clause in our Articles of Association has been translated into more inspiring definitions and formulations expressed in a mission, vision and values.

H.M. Queen Margrethe is our patron

In 2003, Her Majesty the Queen undertook to be a patron in recognition of Lejre Land of Legends’ many years of efforts for experimental archeological research, teaching and public education.

Lejre Land of Legends’ concept

The backbone of Lejre Land of Legends’ concept and activities are cultural experiences and experiences in nature. A visit in Lejre Land of Legends is an experience for all of your senses, where eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands and feet are met. Whether you chose to take a stroll on your own through Lejre Land of Legends’ reconstructed Stone-, Iron- and Viking Age areas or through the 1800s, there will be ample opportunity to witness a wide palette of activities, take part of a teaching experience or invest in a tailored visit for your workplace. In that way, challenges for both mind and body will take a central spot in your experience.

In order to ensure a good public experience, we emphasize on the following:

  • Dialogue – this creates the individual experience. Conversations between employee and guest invites to shed light on new topics and new angels arising from the current communication situation.
  • Active participation – this ensures the personal experience. Active participation involves the guest in the unfolding of the way of life of the past. What was easy, difficult, good and / or hard? Concrete experience is an eye opener for today’s skills and limitations. But a fun and social first-hand experience can also be what arouses a lasting curiosity for knowledge about the past and history.
  • Bringing history to life – this stimulates the guest’s fantasy and imagination. Bringing history to life provides an opportunity to convey the strengths, weaknesses and developments of the underlying research and gives the guest the opportunity to take an independent, critical stance on today’s interpretation of yesterday.

This activating form of communication also accommodates academically weak people who in Lejre Land of Legends get a successful experience of unfolding their creative abilities, dexterity and physical ability.

That’s what makes Living History in Lejre Land of Legends.